About this blog

Who are you?

My name is Przemek DragaŇĄczuk. I live in Poland and I'm currently studying IT at Uniwersytet Zielonog√≥rski.

I always liked computers, so naturally I went to an IT technikum (a specialised High School where you actually learn how to do something useful) in my home city, where I discovered just how great Linux is. After a year from when I first learned how to use it, I installed Ubuntu on my PC, but it was so slow I decided to use a different distro. I randomly chose Manjaro and accidentally downloaded the i3 edition. I instantly fell in love with it, since on Windows I was already using as many keyboard shortcuts as possible.

A couple months later I got bored of Manjaro and how it holds your hand with everything, so I decided to try installing Arch. The first time I did it I broke pretty much everything I could have broken during installation. The second time went better, but it still wouldn't work. After about 5th attempt I had a working system with i3 installed.

During the installing I learnt a lot about how Linux works and I finally stopped being afraid of the command line and embraced the shell. Since then I learned Vim, then I switched to neovim and I didn't miss Windows and IDEs at all.

Then I went to college and in order to make notes during lecture, a lot of which were Math, I learnt basic Latex.

If you're already bored, then I want to warn you, that I'm bad at writing and getting straight to the point, which in this case is: I'm trying to live as bloat free as possible, while not sacrificing anything I like.

What is this blog?

In this blog I'm talking about a lot of things, usually Linux and Linux software. I sometimes talk about programming or make tutorials on setting up some of the software I use. I'm not writing for little kids, so expect to see some swearing, especially when I'm complaining about something

This blog was written entirely in neovim on an Arch Linux PC (by the way I use Arch). It's also still work in progress, which is why some things don't look as good as they can, like the headings, which are too small or no visible border between posts and rest of the site.

What do I define is "bloat"?

My definition of bloat might be different from what others think, but it's really simple:

What isn't bloat then?

That big list might make you feel like there is no software I don't consider bloat, but that's not correct. There is a lot of software that no one would consider bloated, for example:

Bloat that I can't cut out of my life

Despite my hatred towards bloat, I still use a lot of bloated software. I use: